Term of Use for Xiro Website

Welcome to enjoy Xiro Website service! This terms of use defines the rights and obligations between mutual. Please read this term carefully before you enjoy the service that Xiro offered. Once you use the service, you are regarded as entirely agree with the terms of service.

Application Scope

In this clause,"XIRO"refers to Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited and related products, service and possible association operation unit."User"refers to the person who enjoys the related service of XIRO, herein called "You".

The service in this term means the service Xiro offered including but not limited to Hardware Products、Data Synchronization、interactive communication、value-added internet service、ecommerce and other products & service.

Trademark Right

All the trademarks and signs of the products or being used for any other purpose that listed on Xiro official website(www.xirodrone.com) belong to Shenzhen Xiro Company. You mustn't use the above trademark and signs without the written approval of Xiro or the Third Party who has the trademark right. Otherwise Xiro will reserve the right to ascertain your legal responsibilities.


Unless otherwise stated, all the copyrights of the content showed on this website belong to Xiro. Anyone or any organization can neither copy、photo print and exhibit the web content nor download or copy them for any commercial purpose except getting the approval permit from Xiro or the third party who has the copyrights. If the web content are downloaded or copied for non-commercial purpose, they can't be modified in the cause of using, and all the contents and the forms of the original copy must be reserved.

Account and Registration

You need to register a Xiro account to visit some service functions that Xiro website offered. During the registration, you will be asked for providing your personal information such as your E-mail address or other contact information. You have to clarify that all the information you offered to us is accurate, and you'll be asked to provide your password. Please keep secret for your Xiro account and password, and you have to undertake the obligations and legal responsibilities for your Xiro account activities.

Registered Qualification

Only 18 years old or above are permitted to register and use Xiro website or service including landing in the website and agreement on the listed terms. At the same time, your registration and your web activities must be in line with all the adapted laws. If you are on behalf of your organization, you must clarify and promise that you have the authority to stand for your organization to accept these terms.

User Obligation

When using the website or service, you must comply with the laws and regulations and shall not engage in illegal behavior through the website or service, including but not limited to:

1.Distribute, transfer, transmission, storage of hazardous national security, undermine social stability, disgrace consideration violation, Insult, slander, pornography, violence and contents of any violation of state laws and regulations.

2.Distribute, transfer, transmission, storage the content of violating intellectual property right, trade secret or legal rights.

3.Malicious false facts, hide the truth to mislead and deceive others.

4.Distribute, transfer, transmission of advertisement or spam.

5.Other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations.

If you violate our terms and conditions, the relevant state organization or institutions may lawsuit, fine or take other measures of punishment against you and also ask assistance from Shenzhen Xiro. Thus the damage caused, you shall make compensation in accordance with the law. Shenzhen Xiro doesn't take any responsibility.

If find the violation behavior of the terms and conditions above, you have the rights and obligations to report or complain it to Shenzhen Xiro in order to take steps to prevent the violation behavior and maintain a good and orderly network environment together.

Liability for Breach of Contract

If discovers or receives the report of releasing the violating information of you, Shenzhen Xiro has the right to judge independently and take technical measures to delete, shield or disconnect the link. At the same time, Shenzhen Xiro has the right to take measures, depending on the behavior of the user, including but not limit to: suspend or discontinue the service, limit, freeze or terminate the use of Xiro account, investigate for legal responsibility and other measures. If you violate the clause and lead to the damage of third party, you shall take the responsibility independently. You shall also compensate for the damage of Shenzhen Xiro suffered.

Data Security

We will make every effort to ensure the integrity and security of the information collection and conservation through relatively reliable technical safeguard measures. However, when suffer extreme network attacks or hacking, we cannot guarantee that your information will not be accessed, viewed, disclosed, altered or any other damage against which violates our technology or organic safeguards.

Privacy Protection

It's the fundamental policy of Shenzhen Zero to respect and protect the privacy of our users. Xiro won't make your personal documents and non-public contents known to public, view, edit or disclose without your premission. Xiro adopts cryptography transfer form to offer user's comprehensive protection. Simultaneously base on the principle of honesty and credit, it is necessary for Xiro to collect and uncover the information as follow:

1.Recording the information such as user's habit to satisfy the need of improving our product;

2.In order to provide you the customized service;

3.In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, or the need of relevant government departments;

4.Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of Zero (Shenzhen);

5.Maintain the social public interests;

6.Any other conditions that zero [Xiro]believe it will not violate your personal interest and rights.

Linked Responsibility Statement of The Third Party

This website may contains links to third-party websites at a particular time. In order to better define the responsibility, Zero (Shenzhen) is not liable to any content of the third party sites. When using a third party web site, you may need to carefully check and then accept the terms of use at your own risk.

The Revision, Suspension and Termination of the Service Contents

As per the uploading regulation, service terms and the operation rules, Zero will enforce the offered produces and services strictly. If necessary, Zero has the right to revise the service terms. Once service terms revised, it will be prompted in the important online page. Besides, we will also try our best to inform you. The revised service terms will be put into effect immediately after your acceptation. However, if you reject the revision, Zero(Shenzhen) has the right to end the terms. So please visit this page regularly to know any revisions, and we will update from time to time.

If you continue to use, that indicates you have already read, understood and agreed the latest version of the terms. Meantime, Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited may decide to shut down XIRO (or any function of XIRO) (permanently or temporarily) based on commercial or reasonable consideration without notice in advance.

Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited has the right to determine whether your behavior in compliance with the requirements of the terms; if you violate laws or regulations, requirements of related government departments or any of the provisions of the terms, Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited has to terminate these terms. If Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited decides not to run anymore, it can terminate these terms any time. But after the termination of the terms, your and Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited’s legal rights, obligations and responsibilities (all legal rights, obligations and responsibilities accumulated over time since the terms took effect) obtained from the terms, and all legal rights, obligations and responsibilities explicitly regulated valid for an indefinite period, will not be affected due to the termination.

Notice Delivery

Under this clause, Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited delivers its notices to users in the form of Web announcement, Emails, text messages, etc. It will be deemed that the notice is delivered to the recipients on the date of sending.

Users can send their notices for Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited to the address, and Email, or via Fax number, that Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited officially publicized.

Risk Disclaimer

When user explicitly agrees to use Xiro website or services the risks will be fully borne by themselves.; Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited will not guarantee the web service without interruption, its timeliness, security and accuracy, and that web service can satisfy any demands. For web interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or other reasons beyond Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited’s control, and loss or accidents caused by that you did not accord with the manual, safety guidance and instructions when using, Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited will not assume any responsibilities, but will try to minimize your loss and impact.


Governing law and dispute settlement

The validity and interpretation of this clause are both governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. You and Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited agree to obey the governing of courts in China. If the clause conflicts with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, the terns will be interpreted and implemented by laws and regulations, while other terms are still effective. Any disputes arousing from this service clause between you and Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited can be resolved through consultation. Any unresolved situation will be sent for verdict to the People’s Court governing Shenzhen zero-tech UAV Limited.


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